Welcome Pack Fans. Please join us along with many other great fans to root on our team. Packers games at Slackers are an experience. We typically have a full house of Packers fans that come from all over Florida and the USA to watch a game here.

Wisconsin, Packers & Stadium music is played during commercials & scores. We offer a long list of food and drink items specific to Wisconsin such as our signature Wisconsin Beer Brat Burger, Wisconsin Cheese Curd Burger, Fresh and Fried Cheese Curds, Authentic Wisconsin Beer Brats and a Brandy Old Fashion to wash it all down.

Every Packers game is played with sound and 85% of our TV’s are dedicated to the Pack. And we have A LOT of HDTV’s, they are everywhere.

Game days can get pretty full so it’s best to arrive a bit early. At present, we do not take reservations so it’s first come first serve. Parking at Slackers is free and easy as we have a very large parking lot.

Seating & arrival: It’s become a misconception that you must arrive to Slackers many hours before game time to find a seat. THIS IS NO TRUE. Normally seats are available right up until kickoff and even shortly after. We also service many hotel guests who are just here to grab a quick bite then off to explore sights around town freeing up additional seating after kickoff. Generally 12:30-45 is still a very safe time to arrive and get seating.

1 PM Sunday Games: These are our busiest games and over the past few years we have plenty of seating available even after kickoff. Suggest arriving however no later than 12:45 PM.

4 PM Sunday Games: These games tend to be a little slower. And though we may seem very busy upon arrival this is the time when many of our guests who came to watch the early games start to leave allowing a lot of available seating right after kickoff.

Night Games (Sunday/Monday/Thursday): These games tend to be on the slower side as many people have work the following day or just don’t feel like leaving their sofa. We’ve never been at capacity on night games so you should never have a problem finding a seat.

75% of your party must be present in order to be seated at tables seating 4 or more guests.

Please ask for Jon while here. He is one of the owners, originally from Wisconsin and loves to meet other cheeseheads.

We now do a FREE RAFFLE EVERY GAME where we give away free Packers & Wisconsin related gifts. Go here for more details.

We hope to see you here. GO PACK GO!

Please watch the video of a Packers game at Slackers. If you would like to see some photos of the fans enter here.

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