Game Nights

We offer many fun and exciting game nights here at Slackers. All are free to play and you can win cash and prizes.


Hosted live trivia is every Wednesday & *Saturday Nights at 8pm-10pm. Team or single play is allowed. Free to play and free prizes are given out during play. It’s very simple, the host reads a question and you have to answer before a song finishes playing. Prizes are awarded for most points overall and per round. Hosted by Think & Drink Trivia.


Each & every Tuesday at 7 pm – 9 pm is Bingo Night. Free to play. We offer a weekly rolling Jackpot of a minimum $200 for anyone to win. Plus prizes are given out throughout the evening. Please see rules upon arrival.


Every Monday at 7 pm is Texas Holdem Poker night. Free to play. win prizes.

*Saturday Night Trivia can sometimes be cancelled due to certain televised sporting events. Please call ahead or check our Facebook for updates.

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