Slackers Bar Voted #1 for Trivia Nights

Best of Award by Broward New Times

Throw out everything you knew about pub quizzes and bands of cardiganed hipsters competing rabidly to nail a question on a technicality. In fact, don’t call this light-beer-fueled questionfest a “pub quiz” at all. It’s Trivia Night, plain and simple, and it goes down every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Your down-to-earth and occasionally lewd hosts, Dawn and Ken, holler out questions between loud plays of all the crappy songs you love. Be warned, though, that when the stakes get high, she’ll trick you: “Uganda… is not the correct answer!” As for the bar, it’s smoker-friendly (so bring your disgusting friends along), and the burgers and wings are decent. It’s a sports bar owned by Packers fans, and it’s full of TVs, so you just might decide to stick around to watch a game (or, as happened this year, one of the Trivia Night regulars competing on Jeopardy).

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